Thunderbolt Promo.jpg

Rob Hammersmith


Stephen Seals

Guitar and Vocals



Wielding a potent mix of chemistry, crushing riffs, and multi-layered soundscapes, Thunderbolt Hydraulic is an Atlanta-based hard rock band featuring Rob Hammersmith (Skid Row) on drums, Stephen Seals (former Ether Seeds) on guitar and vocals, and Bruce Butkovich (James Hall and the Steady Wicked) on bass.  Thunderbolt Hydraulic's debut EP "The Best of Intentions" is an unapologetically passionate deep dive into waters that deftly churn between modern hard rock and old school metal.   Driven by an uncompromising love of rock and metal, coupled with a collective experience in numerous battle-hardened bands, Thunderbolt Hydraulic is unyielding in its commitment to deliver deeply visceral records and positively combustible live performances.